Growing up in Louisville, KY as the son of successful entrepreneurs, I always understood the value of hard work and dedication. As a Loan Officer/Owner of Vanguard Mortgage, my hard work has certainly paid off in taking care of clients and relationships. I have been a loan officer over 15 years at the top mortgage companies in the Louisville area before opening our own to provide the best possible service with the best rates. I try to the best of my ability to make clients feel at ease, as well as ability to think outside the box. I have earned a stellar reputation among clientele and business leaders in the mortgage industry. We are a mortgage broker company, which means we have so many top lenders in the nation we can use to quote the lowest rate with the most savings in your pocket. With having so many lenders, it allows us to have just about every loan program possible. From the first-time buyer loan programs, FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA loans, and many more. I am proud of my team’s enormous success and growth in strategic alliances with realtors, who appreciate commitment to our service. Look forward to the opportunity to work with you!